The entire production process of bio-jewels is made by hand,from the collection of raw materials to its final finishing. Leaves and seeds are harvested, dehydrated and some go through the skeletonization phase, in order to make the veins and shapes more evident.After this stage,the inputs receive special seals and are plated in 18k gold.

Bio-jewels, also presented as natural jewels, are fashion accessories developed from organic materials found in nature. The raw materials used in making the pieces are found in the main Brazilian biomes: Amazon, Caatinga, Cerrado, Pantanal,Atlantic Forest and Pampa.

Respect for the natural cycle of the environment is essential for us, so we seek partnerships with institutions that carry out activities for the protection and conservation of our ecosystem. In addition, the raw materials are harvested at the appropriate time, ensuring their preservation. For example, the Cerrado leaf, presentin one of the most important biomes in Brazil, is harvested once a year by leaf pickers in partnership with the Federal University of Brasília.

The quantity of thousandths of gold used in the bio-jewelry varies according to the friction that each piece will have with the skin of the consumer. The pieces that have constant contact with the skin, such as bracelet and ring, need reinforced layers of gold in order to be more durable and resistant. The other bio-jewels don't require high gold coverage because the wear is less, which doesn't mean that the quality and durability are lower.

housandths of gold per piece There are some pre-established standards on the market regarding the thousandths of gold that a product should receive. However,Amazon Bio-jewelry, in 11 years of experience, believes that, in order to provide excellent accessories to the consumer, our solution should start with 7 (seven) thousandths of gold and, depending on the piece, reach 20 (twenty). This is because, in addition to the company offering a differentiated design within the world of sustainable fashion, itis committed to the quality and durability of the product that reachesyou.

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Many companies use chemical elements at high levels and end up harming consumer health. Our skin is a sensitive tissue and requires extra care when choosing the products that will come into contact with it.Some elements harmful to health are present in our daily lives. Cadmium and nickel,for example,are two great villains that make up a large part of the semi-fine jewelry, objects and utensils used by the majority of the population. The absence of these elements is a strong indicator of quality because it demonstrates that the pieces are anti-allergenic and that the manufacturer has responsibility and commitment to the consumers of the product.

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